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Palarie cu plasa tantari Complex CZ22:varianta: CZ215157:38955

42,59 lei
The Complex Merco hat with an insect protection net reliably protects against unwanted insects, and is therefore a great accessory for fishing, camping by the water, etc. The hat is light and breathable, with a camouflage pattern, equipped with a drawstring around the chin. In the head area, the hat has a mesh strip for ventilation, so you do not have to worry about excessive sweating of the head. The mosquito net is made of black polyester mesh, which is sewn into the brim of the hat and is reinforced with a plastic ring in the neck area to better hold its shape. At the end of it is an elastic band that sticks around the neck and thanks to this there are no unnecessarily free spaces where the insects could attack. The size of the hat is universal (suitable for a head circumference of 58 cm). The dimensions of the mosquito net are 41 x 38 cm.