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Hamac Hamaka Extra cu plasa pentru tantari CZ22:varianta: CZ215120:38885

238,24 lei
Hammocks are not used just for garden relaxing, but they are also used for sleeping in nature. If you would not like to lie on the ground when camping and any of the folding beds are not practical enough for you? Hang  Hamaka Extra the hammock between the trees and fall into it. The hammock is made of soft but sturdy polyester fabric so have a comfortable sleep without worries of anoying insects or cold ground. The sheet is made of 100% polyester, including an integrated portable bag with a drawstring and mainly with integrated mosquito net that zippered. It has an elliptical shape with sturdy nylon straps that contracted in the ends and added with carabines at the ends. There is also pair of straps to hang the hammock between two stable objects. A length of the hammock is 240 cm and width of 130 cm in the transversial center. A maxim um load capacity of the Hamaka Extra hammocks is up to 100 kg. It can be folded in a lightweight (weighs 0,68 kg) and small bag with dimensions 25 x 15 x 15 cm, which is very convenient and portable to carry anywhere. Have a comfortable and calm night without intrusive mosquitoes due to the Hamaka Extra by Merco.